About our Company

Regul Medical is a pharmaceutical company, founded in 2007, on the scientific and technical basis of the laboratories in Georgia and Ukraine. As a result of the co-operative efforts of scientists, technologists, clinicians, and marketing consultants and with the support of sponsors, we have been able to achieve prominent results in the development of pharmaceutical products based on plant regulatory peptides.


We continue our research and development to find new opportunities for treating diseases that worsen the quality of life and shorten the life expectancy of patients worldwide.


Through the use of our innovative pharmaceutical products, tens of thousands of people in more than 60 countries have obtained support, had the first-hand experience of the unique effects of peptide immunocorrectors and succeeded in overcoming serious illnesses.


Use innovative solutions and realize new opportunities of plant peptide-based pharmaceutical products in the treatment of cancers and chronic infections to improve the quality of life and increase the life expectancy of patients.

Corporate principles and partnerships

Our aim is to help patients live a healthier, better life through the use of innovative peptide drugs. Being a company with a transparent strategy and with open doors for all interested partners, we consciously and confidently say that together we can do more and do it better.


We are taking the first step to meet all like-minded people and new colleagues. Our strengths perfected over a twelve-year period of the company’s development are as follows:

Exclusive and passionate professionals


Clear-cut and easy-to-understand vision

of our development strategy


Multilevel market research and strong

customer-centered orientation


Innovative marketing born with

customer’s needs


Unique products solving the most serious

health complications


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