About GA-40

Using a unique proprietary technology, we produce plant peptide-based pharmaceutical products. The GA-40 peptide immunocorrector, which has been evaluated in clinical trials in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, has obtained marketing authorization as a medicinal product and is successfully used to treat cancer, pre-malignant conditions, chronic viral hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, and degenerative central nervous system lesions.


The GA-40 product formulation includes plant derived regulatory peptides with a molecular weight of 15 to 98 kilodaltons, which have unique properties – they interact with such membrane components as lectin receptors, T-cell receptors, phospholipids, and glycoproteins. Inside the cells, exogenous plant peptides change the microstructure and active potential of such participants in regulatory cascades as microRNA associated proteins, a caspase system, protein kinase, prointerleukins, interleukins, etc.

All biological processes are regulated by genes. DNA segments that encoded the genetically inherited traits of living organisms were called genes before. But in recent decades, rapidly advancing sciences, such as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and immunology, have opened up new horizons for us in understanding the essence and functions of genes.


Genes are proteins of a definite structure, of the most diverse spatial configuration and molecular weight, which determine cell development scenarios, cell response to external factors and its degree of protection from certain impacts. In conditions of immunodeficiency, when a human body is weakened by unfavorable factors, regulator genes become vulnerable and may not realize their information to the fullest extent or do it the wrong way. Simply said, gene damage leads to dysregulation of cell vital activity and to abnormal scenarios of cell development.


Regulatory proteins, as the eternal control matrix of life itself, appeared on our planet four billion years ago and are intrinsic parts of the complex biochemical cascades, providing an adequate response to damages both in plants and animals. The researchers found the most ancient, protective properties of plant peptides formed by the evolution, may also manifest when proteins are introduced into the human body. Having a relatively small molecular weight, plant peptides are able to protect the regulatory proteins of human cells from harmful factors and ensure an adequate response of the body to a potential hazard. Experiments have shown plant peptides activate immune cells, set up lymphocytes to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and stimulate antitumor immunity.


Thus, the world’s first gene protector, the immunotropic drug GA-40, has been born.

GA-40 in the treatment of cirrhosis

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